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Legacy Consulting Group, LLC is your social impact partner. We balance results driven social impact work with acknowledging the humanity in our clients, audiences, and communities. We work with you to build the skills, knowledge, and clear decision making needed to move social impact work forward. We create uplifting the human experiences that help us all to thrive together. 

Our passion is designing opportunities that lead to measurable positive change. We take an action-oriented approach that focuses on training up skills, facilitates decision making, and recognizes that ambiguity is not the end. We value ideas and creative problem solving, recognizing no one person, solution, or way of working can solve for everything. 

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What We Do

Need to build stronger connections with your team? Identify strategic priorities? Develop interpersonal skills like active listening? Engage with communities?

Legacy Consulting Group, LLC works with social impact minded organizations to solve problems affecting your ability to create change. We support leaders in making tough decisions, and bringing strategy into focus. 

What can we help you move forward?

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Connecting Black Women is a virtual event where Black women can spend time focused on connecting with other Black women, sharing personal and professional goals, building their network, venting - whatever they need to feel more connected as they move through the day. 

Black women from every background, age group, geography and industry are invited to join. 

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